How to move your cat safely during house relocation

If you are planning to relocate, your pet specially cat hates it fully. Cats are territorial animals who love to make bonds with their surroundings that cannot break easily. So considering it from the point of view of a cat, the house, room and lounge are his and he has allowed you to not to interfere in his endless pleasure.

To make your cat move easily, Packers and Movers in Mohali help you in the things and make the move more friendly for your cat. A stress-free relocation of your cat involves pre-move, move and post move.

The movers keep your pet in a carrier during the transport. Get a comfortable carrier with sufficient space for your cat so he doesn’t feel confined. Introduce the box to your cat before the transit and put the carrier with opened door so your cat can easily be adept of it. Regularly place some foods in the box to allow the cat interact with the carrier.

Your cat may not trust in the carrier easily that it avoids eating foods in the carrier. In such case, you should hide your tricky intentions and begin by keeping the food close the carrier before keeping it in the carrier. Then keep the food at the entry, then near the gate in carrier, hence progress in this way.

To make your cat adjust with the changing environment, introduce the boxes before packing. Let him eat near the boxes until he is comfortable with the sight of boxes. If your cap is scared of the sudden change in the environment, keep him in one room during packing. Although in some cases, he may find the packing very stressful besides of your efforts. In such case, you have no other option than keeping him in a closed room, far from the change. Keep the all essentials of your cat in his room.

During the relocation with your cat is totally uncomfortable, try to keep his routine that includes regular feeding and give the same type of food and same play time and care. Follow the same routine to make your cat cope with the move.

If your cat finds the move very overwhelming, and its anxiety level goes beyond the control, in such situation, bring it to vet who will subscribe the suitable anti-anxiety solution for cat.

Follow the advice of your Packers and Movers in Panchkula for cat move. Once you reach at the new place, to avoid your cat to be scared off the new faces and place, keep it in a room that doesn’t have mover’s entrance such as bathroom. Place some water and food there. Also keep checking there regularly to keep an eye on your cat.

Feed your cat in small quantity to prevent it getting an upset stomach due to anxiety. Do not open the carrier immediately after reaching at the new place. Keep the door closed until you find the right place to keep your cat in your new home.

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